Arkas Trio performs its first concert

November 30 2011

Arkas Trio performed their inaugural concert at St. Antoine in Istanbul on Friday, September 30th, hosted by Arkas Holding Chairman Lucien Arkas and with many important figures from the business and art worlds in attendance. Arkas Trio was established for the purpose of making a contribution to culture and art as one of the social responsibility projects organized by Arkas Holding, which is known for its support for sports as well as art. Arkas Holding Chairman Lucien Arkas expressed his excitement about the project by saying, “We wanted to expand and give permanence to our support for classical music and art with a long-term and universal project. That is why we established Arkas Trio, which consists of three accomplished soloists who have proven their skill in the international arena. I am happy to have accomplished a ‘first’ with Arkas Trio, which is the first official trio to be established by a private corporation in Turkey. This step we have taken shows that there is much more that can be done in the area of chamber music. These kinds of ensembles have much more mobility than an orchestra, which makes it possible to reach more people in more places.” 

Arkas Trio's first concert in İzmir  

October 1 2011

An audience of music aficionados came to the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center and listened raptly to the trio’s first concert in Izmir, which featured a performance of select pieces of classical music. Famous personalities also attended, making Arkas Trio's first concert in Izmir more distinctive.

  Arkas Trio Performs a concert with a world-renowned organist

November 21-22  2014

After remaining silent for half a century, St. Maria’s Church’s organ was restored and was brought back to life again with support from Arkas. Arkas Trio and organist Prof. Johannes Geffert put on two concerts showcasing the organ’s enchanting tone.

After remaining silent for half a century, St. Maria Church’s organ has been restored to playable condition thanks to a social responsibility project from Arkas Holding. Arkas Trio, which was established by Arkas to make a long-lasting and universal contribution to Western classical music, joined renowned organist Johann Geffert, who was invited to bring his professional touch to the enchanting tones of St. Maria Church’s organ. The church was filled with Izmir residents who gathered to listen to concerts that were held on November 21 and 22.
In these concerts, Arkas Trio played with the accompaniment of an organ for the first time ever. The concerts featured Prof. Johannes Geffert, who tickled the ivories with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in C minor. In the first half of the concert, Arkas Trio’s accomplished violinist Tuncay Yılmaz played a duet with Geffert in a performance of Violin and Organ. Next, German cellist Gustav Rivinius and Geffert performed Bach's Cello and Organ. In the second half of the concert, Arkas Trio pleased the crowd by performing a repertoire that included Franz Shubert and Haydn’s Trio in G Major.
Prior to these concerts at St. Maria’s church, the group also performed a trio composed by Fazıl Say for the first time ever in Turkey in a concert that was part of a festival held on November 19th by Karşıyaka Municipality in Izmir.
  Arkas Trio Concert at The Hagia Irene

June 27 2013

The 41st Istanbul Music Festival hosted chamber music groups and orchestras playing both classical and modern compositions, turning Istanbul’s magnificent historical locations into concert halls with more than 500 local and foreign artists.
The festival’s theme this year was “Time and Change” and it presented music aficionados with a generous program of 22 concerts held throughout the month of June. Arkas Trio is a group of three accomplished musicians who have proven their musical skill in the international arena, and it was the first time for them to attend this musical event, which attracted new music groups and young artists.
The ensemble put on an impressive concert on June 27 at Aya Irini Museum, a sixth century Byzantine church located in the courtyard of the Topkapı Palace.
They performed Notturno D. 897 (Op. post. 148) by Franz Schubert, Trio No. 2, E minor, Op. 92 by Camille Saint-Saëns, and Trio No. 1, B Major, Op. 8 by Johannes Brahms.
Arkas Trio has garnered critical acclaim with the concerts it has put on at all of the prominent festivals in Turkey (the Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Mersin Music Festivals) and has also made a big impression with previous performances of Beethoven's Triple Concerto accompanied by the Istanbul State Symphony and the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.

  Arkas Trio gave its first
concert in Ankara with
Bilkent Symphony

December 7 2012

The composition of Ludwig van Beethoven was performed at the concert arranged under the conductorship of Isin Metin in Bilkent Concert Hall on Friday, December 7th 2012. Arkas Trio, consisting of Tuncay Yilmaz (violin), Gustav Rivinius (cello) and Emre Elivar (piano), presented “Op.56, Triple Concerto in C major for Violin, Cello and Piano” of Beethoven together with BSO at the first half of the concert. At the second half of the concert, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra played Beethoven's "Op.92 in A major 7th Symphony" under the conductorship of Isin Metin.
  Arkas Trio comes to CMK and The Süreyya Opera House

December 2 2011

Arkas Trio, performed two concerts for Istanbul audiences in December. The group performed Beethoven’s Triple Concerto together with the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra at the Caddebostan Culture Center on Friday, December 2nd and at the historical Süreyya Opera House on Monday evening, December 5th. Arkas Trio is made up of violin soloist Tuncay Yılmaz, piano soloist Emre Elivar and cello soloist Gustav Rivinius. The three musicians served up an enjoyable feast for the ears to packed audiences in both concerts.